You Can Finally Lose Weight with Garcinia Cambogia

nafim-garciniaDr. Oz has become one of the leading weight loss experts in the field today and that is because he will never endorse any weight loss system that he cannot back up with scientific facts and proof. In fact, New Life Botanicals, the makers of the Superfruit Diet Formula (SDF-3) respect and appreciate the findings of Dr. Oz work so much that they have recently added Raspberry Ketone as one of the main ingredients. But to really appreciate how this “miracle” supplement works it is important to understand how much research Dr. Oz has put into these fruits to discover the weight loss properties that these fruits hold – especially garcinia cambogia. says that if you’re going to use that as a standalone then the best thing is to look for Alive by Nature garcinia cambogia.

Before he even got his own show Dr. Oz discussed the weight loss benefits of the Acai berry when he was on the Oprah Show. This was the original “superfruit” which is known to suppress hunger, increase energy levels and speed up the metabolism.

On the 100th episode of his show Dr. Oz discussed his findings on the African mango. Through studies he discovered that once digested this mango not only lowered a person’s cholesterol level but it also suppressed the appetite by controlling how much “leptin” the body produces. Leptin is a natural hormone that determines the amount of appetite a person has.

Dr. Oz introduced the weight loss benefits of Sea Buckthorn to the world in 2011. His research proved that the rare Omega-7 it possesses actually signals the body to stop storing fat. Because of this process the fat starts disappearing and the body keeps it off.

In February of this year Dr. Oz revealed the results of the research he conducted on Raspberry Ketone. He stated that raspberry Ketone is “truly a miraculous discovery” and it was a ‘miracle in a bottle” because it works on all body types. This natural compound regulates the metabolism and correctly breaks up fat cells so the body burns it faster.

Then in April of this year Dr. Oz introduced the newest “superfruit” to the lineup – Green Coffee Extract. It has been known for centuries that the antioxidants, enzymes and the omega 3 that is found within the fruit help to boost the immunity system but with the help of Dr. Oz the fruits ability to aid in weight loss has been discovered. The Chlorogenic Acid of this “superfruit” slows down how the body releases glucose and speeds up the metabolism.